falling frogs.
We tell stories.

At Falling Frogs, we don’t just create compelling video, we come aboard and work with you, ensuring that everything that you have to tell, is done professionally, precisely and with care. Peg Peters, the owner and Creative Director, has been telling stories for over 30 years.

What kind of name is Falling Frogs?

One of my favourite film directors is Paul Thomas Anderson who directed the movie Magnolia. It is a look at several story lines that all converge together during a random event in the movie - it started raining frogs.  The movie stands as one of the best scripts and soundtracks and the scene of the raining frogs generated much debate by film critics. No matter what you think of that scene you will never forget it.  Anderson used a memorable device to stand for the larger reality of cosmic intervention into our lives. Our lives are not random. We have purpose, order and connection. P.T. Anderson inspires me to tell the best stories I can and so Falling Frogs it is.